Direct collaboration between children and the magician

Erase yourself with the fades of reality and come to dive into the belief of mystery! My name is Martin, the magician, and I can indulge you all. With me you can experience moments you will never forget. In adults, I can provoke a small child's soul, and in children I feel that it is possible and impossible.
In my performances you are guaranteed not to be bored and I will ensure that I cooperate with the audience. You too can become part of the magical show! And even your children can fulfill a small wish. And it's a little spell to learn. Furthermore, I can offer you moderation, which has a lot of improvising and entertainment. I'm here for you, your magician.
Reality or fantasy?
Give me the opportunity to fall in love with me and the spells. In today's world, where everything revolves around, it is important to have something that pulls you into the realm of fantasy, the Magician.