Fun without money spent

You're bored, but you don't have the money to go to town and have fun at the bowling alley, at the cinema, or have a tasty dinner at the restaurant? If you have access to the Internet, try the free online game games, which is ready for you completely free of charge. This is a fun game that operates on the principle of caring for your own economy! You also participate in various competitions between the different players. Plant and harvest as many crops as possible and become a definite winner!
Do you prohibit a pet?
Would you like your own dog, but your parents don't want to buy it? Keep it on your farm! You can practice it every day! You can also buy chicken, cows, pigs and horses. But you have to endure to the next level. Do you know what that means? Devote yourself to your farm every day, just so it will flourish!