Something of Life

Outlining the situation. One of the autumn days, when the twilight is dark, the sun will not be gone. Meteorologists would have marked it as cloudy when rain was cloudy. At work you have to stay a little longer because there is a problem that you must surely solve, and how else than today. From work you go physically or mentally "beaten as a dog". It starts raining, the thunderstorm came at the right time, just as you walk home on foot. Meteorologists have never been in a sleep. Of this, surely, at the moment, every joy.
At last at home
A man is very much looking forward to home. He's at home, but he can't see. Nothing is cooked, the stove is cold. It's evening to start something to cook them for a long time, for today a simple solution to get your stomach down with something from a refrigerator. Nothing is going to be done, so climb under the duvet and go to bed right away. At home winter, because it was poorly set heating, so did not bat. You could only warm up by dividing the fire in the fireplace stove. Or get a quick shower and then really just jump into bed.